Edge Group Fitness Brand Guide

This brand guide is designed to provide guidelines for consistent brand use in any context. Following this guide when designing for Edge Group Fitness will give any creative professional the tools they need to execute well branded assets.


Approved Logos + Orientations

Edge-Logo-WEB-325x430pxprimary color

EdgeGroupFitness-Logo-Alt_03 alt color 1


EdgeGroupFitness-Logo-Alt_05 alt color 2




Brand Colors

Below are the core brand colors. These should only be supplemented when necessary and very carefully as to not create brand confusion. This is particularly true with holiday or event promotions and instances where two colors are very close. The goal is to have this core palate easily recognized… think Starbucks Green or Home Depot Orange. Colors speak loudly about our brand.


ColorPalette-Template-02 ColorPalette-Template-01 ColorPalette-Template-03


ColorPalette-Template-04 ColorPalette-Template-05



These are the approved typefaces for your brand and should only be supplemented when necessary and with great care.





Download Prohibition
Download Archer
Download MetroScript

Web Typefaces can be downloaded or linked to from Google Web Fonts

Example Graphic Elements




Logo Resources

For all Logo Files please contact Field Trip

Download Main Logo Files (Vector, HiRes + Web)

Download Icon File (Vector, HiRes + Web)