7 Cooperative Principle Posters

Behold, the 7 Coop Principle Posters, designed in partnership Cooperation Texas, an organization dedicated to creating sustainable jobs by helping form worker cooperatives. Our goal was to design posters for coops and coop supporters that were not only wall-worthy, but would also serve an educational purpose—in the sprit of the 5th principle!

Cooperatives can be found all over the globe in various shapes and sizes, from small-scale coffee producers in Latin America to worker-owned high-tech enterprises in Spain. Yet all cooperatives, regardless of their shape, size or location, share a common set of principles that serve as the foundation for a broader cooperative movement worldwide:

1) Open and Voluntary Membership
2) Democratic Member Control
3) Member Economic Participation
4) Autonomy and Independence
5) Education, Information and Training
6) Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7) Concern for Community

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18″ x 24″, $25 for 1 or $175 for 7

2014 in partnership with Cooperation Texas Visual Branding https://acba.coop/cooperative-principles-posters/