Austin Film Society

Austin Film Society came to us wanting to refresh their marketing materials and breath some new life into their overall look. We centered the campaign around their new tagline (and accompanying logo): MAKE WATCH LOVE FILM, a call to each of their audience types—filmmakers, regular folks, and cinephiles. To highlight and promote the idea of Austin’s film community, we included photos of their real members into the collateral. To keep the overall feel cinematic and aspirational, but still fun and accessible, we used a mostly grey-tone color palette accented by bright Magenta, Yellow and Cyan.

Deliverables (some not shown): Tagline Logo, Membership Brochure, Monthly Program Brochure, Presentation Folder, Power Point Presentation, Digital New Years Card, Posters & Postcards for “Texas Film Network” Screenings, Flyers for Educational Programs, Event & Sponsor Banners/Signage

2012 Austin Film Society Visual Branding