Tiny Pies

When we first started our partnership with Tiny Pies, the joke in the office was that we could never get any work done because it made us too hungry looking at all the pie photos. That’s also what other people say when they look at their website, so I guess we did a good job. For this site, e-commerce was key, so in addition to WordPress for easy updating, we integrated Big Commerce, a shopping cart software to handle their growing retail needs. Since their launch just a few short years ago, Tiny Pies has risen to stardom, getting featured in Oprah Magazine and picked up by Central Market grocery stores all over the state. We’re so happy to be apart of the Tiny Pies team!

Deliverables (some not shown): Website, Print Advertisements, Postcards & Flyers, In-Packaging Collateral

2010 Tiny Pies Interactive, Visual Branding www.tinypies.com