Created with production partner, The Bear and ​the ​funny folks at Door Number 3​, these films took us on a trip back to the 80s and made us reconsider casual Fridays​. Our office playlists are often stuck in the 80’s and we occasionally wear pj’s to work, so we relate.

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Agency: Door Number 3

Directed by: Berndt Mader
Produced by: Andrea Lazard & The Bear
Creative Director: Prentice Howe
Media Director: Zach Cochran
Director of Photography: E.J. Enriquez
Editor: Ted Griffiths @ TBD Post
Production Designer: Nazanin Shirazi
Original Score: Curtis Heath
Color Grading & Graphics : Brandon Thomas, Dennis Valk & TBD Post
Sound Mix: Pony Sound

2016 texas.gov Video